Board of Administration

The Board of Administration functions as the standing administrative committee of the conference between Annual Conference seatings.  Their focus is to create and manage policy of the entire conference within the limits of the Book of Discipline (see ¶6400)  The BOA meets monthly via conference call and semi-annually  in person. 

Joe Castillo

Senior Pastor- Sylmar, Light & Life Christian Fellowship

Hugh Linstrom

Donna Marshall

Co-Pastor – Los Angeles Community Church

Dennis Beckwith

Occupation: Director of Gift and Estate Planning, Azusa Pacific University
FMCSC Church: Foothill Community Church

Kevin Boyce

Senior Pastor- Light & Life Christian Fellowship Downey

Carol Duberowski

FMCSC Church: Light and Life North

Property and Finance

The Property and Finance Committee is a standing committee that is responsible to the Board of Administration for reviewing and recommending action on all matters concerning property and financial actions of the local church and the conference at large.  The property and finance committee may also fulfill special projects as assigned by the Board of Administration. This committee meets monthly via conference call and in person at the request of the chair. 

Gus Garay

Pastor of Christian Education, Hermon Community Church

Stephen Christie

Occupation: Professor
FMCSC Church: Centerpoint
Years Attended: 15
Ministry Involvement: Board member, Board Treasurer, Life Group Leader, Media Presentation Team member, Finance Team member

Danielle Garcia

Associate Pastor of Administration, FMCSB

Travis Wade

Occupation: Documentary Filmaker
Title: Producer
FMCSC Church: Light and Life Christian Fellowship North
Years Attended: 6.5
Ministry Involvement: I founded and currently run the successful community theater program for at-risk teens and adults at the LLCF Community Center. We serve approximately 120-150 people with tuition free arts programs and have a yearly attendance at our productions of about 2000.

My wife and I oversee the lighting and visual programming of weekly services and coordinate a team of volunteers to serve in that capacity.

My wife and I are both engaged in small groups at the church at various times throughout the year.

My entire family are all active volunteers in the children’s ministry and drama ministry year-round at LLCF.

Wendy Seyfert

Occupation: Vice President of Agency Relations, ADP
FMCSC Church: Foothill Community Church

North MEG

The Ministerial Education and Guidance Board (MEG) is responsible for qualifying, guiding, counseling, and mentoring candidates for ordination as they prepare for ministry.  In addition, the MEG is responsible for pastoral accountability, disciplinary actions (if necessary), and partnering in restoration. This board meets bi-yearly dependent upon the number of candidates for ordination and disciplinary situations as well as at the request of the chair. 

Brian Lugioyo

Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics, Azusa Pacific University

Jeff Jaikumar

Occupation: Information Technology
Title: Electronic Service Manager
FMCSC Church: Marina Christian Fellowship
Years Attended: 11
Ministry Involvement: pastors husband
worship team
board member
youth ministry
community service
community events
special events
sound tech

Joe Castillo

Senior Pastor- Sylmar, Light & Life Christian Fellowship

Eunice Lee

Occupation: Self-Employed
Title: Letterer and Writer
FMCSC Church: Hermon
Years Attended: 2
Ministry Involvement: We came to Hermon Church two years ago after I stepped down from my position as a youth pastor at our previous church for a season of rest and recuperation. Because of this, I have been slow to reenter ministry, but have been regularly attending our women’s meetings. I have also served in various ways here and there, such as teaching at the women’s meetings and VBS, volunteering as a small group leader at our recent youth event, and mentoring. One area of ministry I have been exploring is inner healing ministry. It has been a privilege and blessing to pray with other church members and see God bring new freedom into their lives and a deeper connection with Him. I am deeply committed to discipleship and mentoring, and believe inner healing can be an integral part of that process. We’ll see what God wants to do with this ministry in the future!

Doug Ranck

Associate Pastor of Youth & Worship, FMCSB

Ray Rosentrater

Occupation: Professor of Mathematics, Westmont University

Colleen Hurley-Bates

Associate Pastor of Children, Families, and Senior Adults: FMCSB

Steve Espinoza

Kevin Robertson

Senior Pastor, Marina Christian Fellowship

Central MEG

Vern Burgess

Executive Pastor- Light and Life Christian Fellowship Long Beach North

Redona Edgar

Occupation: Dental
Title: Office Manager
FMCSC Church: Light and Life Downey
Years Attended: 30
Ministry Involvement: Throughout my 30 years with the Downey congregation I have had the privilege to serve in a variety of ministries. Some of those ministries include teaching our children through the Word and song, music (participating as a praise singer and in small ensemble groups), and co-facilitating Life Classes and women’s small groups. I have also had the honor of serving on our Leadership Counsel and to be a part of the “Communion” and “Prayer at the Cross” teams.

Refugio Sanchez

Senior Pastor- Santa Sana FM Church

Kelly Arthur

Occupation: Administrative
Title: Executive Assistant
FMCSC Church: Light and Life Downey
Years Attended: 5
Ministry Involvement: I’ve been with LLC Downey for the past 5 years and LLCF North for the previous 10+ years. Pastor Kevin married my husband and I 13 years ago! I have had a passion for Youth for many years. I’ve been serving in Youth ministry for a good 10 years. The past 3 years, I’ve had the honor to serve on our Youth Council. Working with and for our Youth, planning events and working to help our Youth Pastor administratively. Additionally, I serve on our Prayer at the Cross team.

Darrell Spence

South MEG

Cheri Coleman

Chaplain, VA Hospital Loma Linda

Val Roark

Occupation: School Administration
Title: Principal
FMCSC Church: Lamb’s Fellowship Lake Elsinore
Years Attended: 7.5
Church Involvement: I am privileged to serve on the board at Lamb’s and have served as the board secretary for about five years. I am currently involved with discipleship and women’s ministry. I have been part of other ministries through the years from working in the nursery to greeting others as they come to the service. It is a joy to jump in where there is a need, and am grateful for the service our church does in the community where I live and work. One of my highlights since coming to Lamb’s was to join with others and be involved with Empowering Lives International in Kenya!

Dani Falcioni

Adjunct Professor, Azusa Pacific University
Founder/Counselor, Real Life Christianity

Ted Jones

Trent Meng

Senior Pastor, Brookside Free Methodist

Judy Lerma

Sue Mitchell