What church are you serving in at present?

Heavenly Springs Church Santa Clarita CA

Briefly describe your testimony of coming to Christ:

I was in the US Marine Corps, while going through a training exercise in boot camp. I got a sick feeling i was going to die in a accident. That Sunday a preacher preached on loosing your soul for eternity, after the sermon i was so anxious to accept Jesus and get baptize, which i did in a military swimming pool. I felt peace after that moment.

Briefly describe your understanding of God’s calling on your life:

For a year in 2013 i was struggling to listen to that voice inside my soul, calling me to walk further in ministry. My wife without me knowing was praying and fasting for me to take a bolder step in ministry.

How did you come to the Free Methodist Church?

I came to Pastor Godfry when i made a decision to walk further in ministry. I was impressed for his commitment and devotion to Christ. He explained how Free Methodist work and train their leaders.