Where were you born?

Newport Beach, CA

When and how did you come to know Jesus Christ?

I was blessed to be born into a family of people who had been passionate about Jesus for many generations. Both my maternal and paternal grandparents served the Lord in pastoral ministry. My paternal grandmother was a gifted Children’s Minister and she began to teach me about Jesus Christ from the earliest moments of my life. At 4 years old she led me in the sinner’s prayer as we knelt together in the front seat of her car. I have been in love with Jesus ever since.

Describe your personal journey that led you to ordination. Include education, training, mentoring, service, and giftedness.

At about 17 years of age I began to lead worship and preach in my local congregation. Due to this incredible experience, I dedicated my life to becoming a pastor in the local church. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry/Biblical Studies from Vanguard University and a Master’s Degree in Missional Leadership from Northwest University. I have been privileged to serve as an Associate Pastor under the leadership of Ben Sigman (Timberlake Church, WA) and John Hansen (Centerpoint Church, Murrieta), both of whom were instrumental in my growth as a leader. God has been so faithful to help and lead me on each step of the journey.

Describe how you intend to fulfill your ordination vows.

I will fulfill my vows by passionately and faithfully serving the Lord as a Pastor in the Free Methodist Church. I will love and care for my family and for the congregation that is under my care.