Where were you born?

I was born in Cameroon (Mofole-Mokolo)

When and how did you come to know Jesus Christ?

I was born in an extended family impacted both by African Traditional Religion and Islam. The first school I attend was a franco-arabic school. I did not hear the Gospel until the age of 9. When I was nine, my dad was transferred to Soulede, a small town where the only school was a Christian private school: the Protestant Private School of Soulede. It is in that school that I first heard the Gospel message for the first time. The first biblical text that I ever heard from (my primary school teacher) was the parable of the poor Lazarus and the rich man (Luke 16 :19-31). I liked it. From that moment on, I went regularly to Sunday school just to have the opportunity to hear more Bible stories. After three years, I was convinced that I was a sinner, and that I needed to repent and to convert. So I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord. I was twelve. I was baptized that same year. Since then, I gladly follow my Lord and Savior.

Describe your personal journey that led you to ordination. Include education, training, mentoring, service, and giftedness.

I felt God’s calling on my life when I was at high School. I was involved in youth ministry and evangelism. My local pastor, late Rev. Martin Guissata, discerned God’s calling on my life and communicated it to me. But he did not force me. Later, I felt a personal calling during a spiritual retreat and I accepted to dedicate my life to the Lord’s service. I worked as an intern with the Church (Union of Evangelical churches in Cameroon) in the capacity of deacon, evangelism leader and chaplain. Then the church sent me to seminary where I was trained during five year (a combination of M.Div and ThM). I graduated from seminary in 2004, served as a pastor of a local church and carried various other leadership and teaching responsibilities. The Union of Evangelical Churches in Cameroon’s board confirmed God’s calling on my life. They discerned special gifts in the areas of evangelism/mission, teaching, leadership and pastoring. I was ordained two years later. Later, my wife Priscille were called to the Mission field in Central African Republic where I focused on training students for ministry and Academic administration after securing a PhD from Fuller Seminary. Beside teaching and academic administration, I did not abandon pastoral responsibilities. I am very grateful ti God for the opportunity I had to know the FMC through His servant Jose Castillo, learn more about it and transfer my ordination after formal examination and approval.

Describe how you intend to fulfill your ordination vows.

My heart desire is to be a faithful, loving and humble servant of God. I pray that the Lord Himself gives me the necessary strength and wisdom to draw my strength from Him through prayer, Bible study, and fellowship with fellow believers and servants. I trust in Him and I pray that Philippians 4:13 will also be a reality in my life and ministry.

Are there any personal comments you would like to make to the Annual Conference?

My wife and I are very grateful to the FMC’s excellent and godly leadership and to all those who advised us and prayed for us through this process. Above all, we praise our Heavenly Father for His faithfulness. May God grant us His divine favor as we joyfully join the team and trust in Him!