Where were you born?

Los Angeles, California

When and how did you come to know Jesus Christ?

I never remember NOT believing in Jesus and praying to him. However, I came to saving faith when I was thirteen years old. I think my coming to the point of saving faith was progressive throughout my childhood and at the age of thirteen I came to understand a little better who Jesus is and why I needed Him as Savior.

Describe your personal journey that led you to ordination.

I was led to ordination in 2007, when I worked for a Pastor named Bob Logan. He suggested that I pursue ordination and that I do so with the FMC. I took a year and a half for him to make the connection. When he did I was recommended to Marina Christian Fellowship Church. I have served there since 2009.

For the past 3 years I’ve served as the Pastor of Veterans under Marina Christian Fellowship, where I am the lead pastor over a congregation at the Veteran Administration Medical Center in West Los Angeles.

In 2013, I began a para-church organization called Inner-City Women of Faith located in South Los Angeles.I have an Executive Leadership Team of 8 women. We have 2 Bible studies a week for the community, we have a weekly AA Recovery Ministry for Women, Inner-Healing Seminars and Individual Counseling sessions for women, an after-school lounge for girls, an Urban House of Prayer that meets weekly and a Group Home Chaplaincy Ministry that holds weekly Bible studies and prayer for girls who live in groups homes.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English from Cal State Dominguez-Hills and a Master of Divinity From Fuller Seminary. I am currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry at Fuller Seminary.

My confirmed and affirmed gifts are…

Shepherd, Apostolic, Administration, Prophecy, Exhortation, Mercy, Evangelism, Suffering, Exorcism, Tongues (as a prayer language), Spiritual Battle and Intercessory Prayer.

Describe how you intend to fulfill your ordination vows.

I intend to fulfill my ordination vows by relying on the grace of God through daily prayer and reading the Word and by submitting to the wisdom and authority of those God has placed in spiritual authority over me.