Where were you born?

Los Angeles, CA

When and how did you come to know Jesus Christ?

I grew up the son of a Free Methodist Minister. I can’t even recall memories before I knew about Jesus Christ. During my early teen years, my grandfather (my Father’s Father) passed away. During this time, I saw how my Father dealt with the grief but also the hope for his Father. It was at that time I knew that being in Christ meant something I did not understand yet. Throughout my teen – collegiate years I have been blessed by many mentors who have fostered the process of my santification.

Describe your personal journey that led you to ordination. Include education, training, mentoring, service, and giftedness.

I felt the call to ministry during my Junior year of college. I responded to that call by finishing my undergraduate degree and then enrolling in Azusa Pacific Graduate School of Theology (now Azusa Pacific Seminary).

While working on my Seminary degree, my Senior Pastor, Dale Winslow urged me to consider starting the process of ordination in the Free Methodist Church. After some discussion, I began the process in 2011 as an LMC.

Describe how you intend to fulfill your ordination vows.

I will continue my ministry with the conference and at my local church.

Are there any personal comments you would like to make to the Annual Conference?

Thank you to all of those who have supported me during this journey. Specifically: Dale and Karen Winslow, Brian and Nicole Lugioyo, Glen Prior, my parents, and especially Jenn and Oliver Wilber.