What church are you serving in at present?

FMC Santa Barbara

Briefly describe your testimony of coming to Christ:

Having grown up in a devout Christian family, I tangibly experienced Christ’s love and power as my savior through a miraculous healing from osteomyelitis when I was about four years old. Since then my knowledge of and faith in Christ grew deeper through daily family worship service, Bible studies with my parents, and active life in the church. In my teens I recommitted my life to Christ in moments of physical crises and resulting spiritual renewals.

Briefly describe your understanding of God’s calling on your life:

I received my “calling” when I was sixteen through a prayer of a family friend when I was in a critical condition at a hospital emergency room. While in seminary (M.Div and Ph.D.), I served as a pastoral intern and then pastor of churches for ten years. I then have been in a Christian academic institution last eleven years. I recognized the need for women’s leadership in pastoral ministry and even as a current Christian scholar, I see that need even more clearly and desire to bridge the gap among church, missional community, and academics as a woman pastor and scholar. I see my calling in raising up and empowering (potential) leaders for the church and the Kingdom as a pastor, teacher, and mentor for (young) women and men who are called to manifold ministry.

How did you come to the Free Methodist Church?

I came to the Free Methodist Church through my involvement in the Westside Initiative, the community plant of the FMCSB with a vision to proclaim and embody God’s shalom in our marginalized neighborhood.

I share and value FMC’s five core freedoms and six interlocking priorities that are faithful to historic, orthodox Christian faith and practices, and also its capacity for contextualization of the gospel in light of the needs of the local and global churches. I appreciate its emphasis on holistic gospel (the way I understand it) that transforms personal lives, moves us to compassionate and just social actions, and evangelism and missions in expanding God’s Kingdom in this world.