What church are you serving in at present?

Rose City Church

Briefly describe your testimony of coming to Christ:

My family began my Reformed Church back in New Jersey in the year 1825. I grew up surrounded by loving family in and out of the Church. There was never a time I did not believe in Christ, although there were severe times of doubting God’s goodness. After a traumatic experience when I was 12 years old, I received my calling and I’ve sought after Christ ever since.

Briefly describe your understanding of God’s calling on your life:

I feel called to become a Senior Elder. I have a range of working with different ages in the Church, specifically with youth ministries. This is something that I believe will make it a more holistic and well-rounded Pastor with the ability to speak with experiences into multiple age groups. I am flourishing in the ordination process and I could not be happier as I pursue my calling.

How did you come to the Free Methodist Church?

After growing up in the RCA, I moved to Southern California to attend Fuller Theological Seminary. I found a home at Rose City- where I began reading Calvin and Wesley. I learned that I am a full-blooded Wesleyan! After praying for nearly a full year about whether to switch denominations, the only answer to those prayers was a deep rooting in the Free Methodist Church. God has definitely been at work in my heart and I feel so honored to be apart of the Free Methodist Church.