What church are you serving in at present?

Lamb’s Fellowship/Dream Center of Lake Elsinore

Briefly describe your testimony of coming to Christ:

I was raised in a Godly home but did not choose Christ for myself until high school in a Student Venture on campus club. It was an overnight event where Christ became real and you might say my heart was “strangely warmed” and we were discussing who God was; Father, Son, & Spirit, and as we talked about the Father’s love for his children I chose, sans alter call or crusade type message, to follow become a Christian because of the great love the Father has lavished on us.

Briefly describe your understanding of God’s calling on your life:

I am a teacher and an organizer and a planner. Vocationally I teach, but even outside of the classroom I am always looking for the opportunity to teach even if its just a 1 min theological point. I also am good at creating structures and systems that help support the goals of an entire organization or of an individual person. We start with the vision of where we want to end up and I can see the 12 steps that we are going to need to take to get there, and what we can and need to work on right now to get moving on it.

How did you come to the Free Methodist Church?

I was a Free Methodist long before I knew what a Free Methodist was. I was a part of a few differently affiliated churches where I served and was involved, but both theologically and practically I felt a bit out of place in them. But in the Free Methodist church, I finally felt at home, like I no longer had to be always on the defensive about who I was and what I believed.