Special Relations Pastor Greetings

These are greetings sent in by our Special Relations / Special Appointments pastors on their yearly Pastor Report. Many of them live out of State and will not be able to attend Annual Conference this year.

Justin Baker

May this year be a year that we, as a conference, truly live out our call that it is good to belong.

Skip Ball

Greetings to all the pastors and spiritual leaders of our Fee Methodist conference in Southern California.

After months of prayer and speculation to the invitation to return to the United Kingdom and pastor a local church in Cheshire, the door was closed by the UK immigration department as they put greater restrictions because of the huge influx of Muslims which has almost crippled the country. Although I continue to send brief studies each week, I’ve accepted this as God’s direction for my life and have begun to pour my ministry efforts into the fellowship of Epic of Malibu and its ministries.

I was blessed to be honored by many friends and family at a reception recently which has given me a deeper sense of connection to Thousand Oaks. Finally, God has provided an opportunity for me to fulfill a lifetime desire to visit Israel this coming November with friends.

This year I’ve come to place a settled peace, knowing that the same One who sees me in my weakness and failings, also sees my heart. Therefore I am blessed by his steadfast love from “…everlasting to everlasting and his righteousness to (my) children’s children. What more could I ask?” Psalm 103:17-18

Pat Bower

Loving the One Who loved me first with all my heart, soul, mind , and strength by obediently loving others as myself.

Jonathan Brewer

Enjoying the Love of the Lord

Cheri Coleman

So glad to belong and work beside so many people serving and loving God in meaningful ways. Please remember our Veterans and their families in your prayers and ministry.

Donald Crandall

Greeting to my fellow ministers and may the Lord be with you as you open the Word each Sunday. You are in the right place at the right time to have a great harvest for our wonderful Lord. We are praying for each of you.

Tom Davis

I’m grateful for the years of ministry I shared with all of you. We continue to reach homeless men with the love of Christ and challenge them to grow daily as His disciples.

Marty Edwards

I am excited to be in town this year for Annual Conference. Our “annual conference” of sorts is always in May and by the time the FMCSC has their conference I am usually half way to the East Coast. Not this year! See you in May!!!

Jimmie Estrada

To all the members of the 125th Annual Conference, my Christian life is the same and may the Lord bless you.

David Fenwick

I pray that our conference leaders and churches will be able to continue their effective, strategic ministries to our great target area.

I am encouraged with the effective ministry of the Hermon Church as I witness the spiritual growth and the involvement of both the younger and older members in the church’s outreach. The English-speaking and Spanish-speaking congregations are working hand-in-hand to minister to our culturally diverse community.

Roger Garza

I want to thank all of you for praying for my wife’s health. Your prayers have uplifted her and she continues to praise the Lord.

Ieda Grigg

I have been very glad to see that as we go through the material from the Navigators series on ‘Design for Discipleship’ here in our home group one of the members of the group has shared how much impact the Bible Study is having in his life and how sad he said he was not to have learned those lessons before for he believed he would have made many different decisions had he known before those principles we are going through right now in our Bible Study. It is such a delightful thing to see people’s lives transformed by the teachings of Christ we present to them. This is what I really want to do with my life bring people to desire Christ above all else in their lives.

Rick Harrell

Bonjou zami mwen! Greetings my friends! Thank you for your encouragement and support of Eden Projects and me in this new phase of my life and ministry. I would consider it a privilege to come to your church and let you know more of what God is up to in Creation Care through Eden Projects around the world. Mesi enpil!

John Hartley

God has blessed the teaching with some wonderful students who have a passion to serve the church and advance the Kingdom of God. Some students who are in secular work and preparing to serve God in distinctive ways–have been highly commendatory on the impact of the teaching of Scripture on their respective ministries.

Stephen Lee

Having a strong faith in Truth, feeling comfort in the Lord, may we all have it!

Jack Littlefield

Praise God for how He is working in our Conference and for the personal blessings He showers on us! I am about to celebrate my 6th wedding anniversary. Currently I teach in a public school in Watts, and enjoy worshipping and serving at Marina Christian Fellowship. I am as always available for pulpit supply.

Bob Managbanag

Living the rich blessings of being part of the Lord’s continuing holistic and life transforming work in the medical and secular setting of a hospice service agency that has recently vested me with providing spiritual and bereavement services to its staff, patients, and families in its entire Southern California operations and agencies (Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, South Bay, and Ventura).

Kevin Mannoia

I have never been more fulfilled in ministry; and the Kingdom impact never more obvious and real. Although it takes some time to explain what I do, the breadth of ministry exposure, relationships and global reach are simply exhilarating as I see the hand of God at work in so many diverse ways. Lifting the centrality of God’s holiness around the world and within the APU community is life-giving. Helping APU deepen its own sense of institutional identity while participating directly in ministering to all of our faculty members, staff members and shaping the graduate programs around the centrality of Christ brings joy every morning. Kathy and I embrace every day as another open door for God to become more evident. We deeply appreciate the affirmation of the FMCSC and covet your ongoing prayers for the ministry we do. Although we are not often present we rely on the knowledge that this is our family home.

Izzy Matos

I met with Christian actor Stephen Baldwin about a project we are going to work on together. We will be working with some major industry people who are non-believers with the opportunity to share the Gospel, potentially making new disciples of Jesus who have a huge influence in popular culture, which can be an exciting and powerful testimony of Jesus and the power of the Good News.

William “Drew” Mountcastle

To the Free Methodist Annual Conference in Southern California: Greetings from the easternmost outpost of the Conference, an independent congregation. We have had a rough year, especially in struggle to reorganize our Board; Superintendent Wayman has been extremely supportive and his guidance has helped us, especially in reconstruction of leadership. The Lord has blessed us with conversions and baptisms so that we get to see the fruit of our labors. We miss all our Southern Cal brothers and sisters – we wish we could attend Conferences, and solicit your prayers for us.

Bob Murphy

Enjoying semi retirement and working as a resident advocate for senior citizens.

Floyd Noble

I am encouraged by the way that our church is engaging in the world in which we live. Examples of this include the program ICCM which is supporting needy and at risk children all over the world. Also I believe in the efforts being made to rescue women and children in many places who are being trafficked and abused. I was blessed by the report in the April issue of L&L Magazine in which the immigration alliance by some Christian denominations is assisting immigrants. My hope is that we keep up the good work.

Gladys Ong

The King is coming back soon. I want to be called good and faithful servant and so are you! Matthew 24:44-51

Doug Pennoyer

This past year I moved from Biola’s Dean of the Cook School of Intercultural Studies to the Provost’s Office where I am enjoying my role as a Special Assistant in International Partnerships in four Asian countries: China, India, Indonesia and Korea. I am leading Biola’s strategic planning on how we can best use our resources to impact these countries for Christ.

Karla Riggs-Norton

Hello from Indianapolis, Indiana. I was ordained Deacon at Hermon Free Methodist in 1977 and Elder in 1979 at Annual Conference of the FMCSC. My father and mother, Don and Iris Riggs, served at Hermon Free Methodist, then later at Pacific Christian High School. Dad passed away on December 16th at 2:15 am. He (they) shared the story and love of Jesus in the Free Methodist Church family of pastors/pastoral families for over 65 years. My son Jonathan, and Katie, live an hour away and had a baby boy six days after dad’s death. Dad knew our boy was to be named Riggs. My Valerie continues to struggle with physical and emotional pain, but thankful she is currently living with me and we are asking/waiting/expecting His complete healing. Life is good and hard! My story this year is of thankfulness for the “richly blessed heritage” of faith and life in Christ Jesus from parents/grandparents/great grandparents who also shared a heritage in the Free Methodist Church. Above all, my heart belongs to Jesus and my gratitude grows DEEPER and STRONGER!

Don Rogers

There is such a powerful momentum that is taking place in our ministry of Empowering Lives as we serve the people of Africa! Pastors are receiving training to be self sustaining and over 400 brewers of illegal alcohol have come to Christ and ELI has taught them new productive business and agricultural skills. Lives are turning around because of your prayers and support!

Kelly Roth

I am honored to be serving as the Executive Director for the Campus Pastors at Azusa Pacific University. It has been an incredible blessing for me to rejoin this community that trains so many students to live out their God given calling.

Earl Schamehorn

Julie and I send our greeting to those who may remember us from our days of active service in the conference. Every day we are grateful for precious memories of those with whom we have been privileged to work. We are also thankful for our continuing health and ability to serve when opportunities come. May the next 125 years find our conference faithful to its mission.

Deborah Smith

The Lord is my strength and my song as I deal with kidney failure and dialysis. I am believing God for healing, once again, and am also on the list for a kidney transplant. I am actively involved in witnessing to others of how God wants to work personally in our lives. I earnestly practice the spiritual discipline of intercession, knowing that the power of prayer can change any situation, and open people’s hearts to God. I am encouraged to see the Free Methodist Church committed to evangelism, discipleship, and holiness.

Gene Smith

Praise be to God for His abundant blessings above and beyond anything we can ask or imagine. My love and fellowship with Him remains sweeter and sweeter day by day and the joys of serving Him abound. Blessings, Gene

Rick Sorenson

In a time where our society values tolerance at the expense of truth, and when our verbal voice is twisted and turned into everything but the truth, I seek to live my life in such a way that His love will penetrate the foolish thinking of our time. It is so obvious to me that our actions will speak louder than anything that we could ever say with words. I am learning that my last line of defense regarding my witness, is to use words, which I have discovered is far easier said than done. Lord, I need your wisdom more than ever! James 1:5 says it so well. “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” Here I am Lord, seeking this wisdom. Amen – let it be so!

Karen Winslow

I’m so grateful for the blessing God has given me to continue to receive direction, wisdom, and strength as I live before God and his people.

Karl Wolfe

This summer, the Lord willing, I intend to retire. It will be a semi-retirement since my plan is to continue to teach. Still, there will be some time freed up to pursue interests and find different areas in which I can serve the kingdom. God’s hand has faithfully guided the first “eras” of life; and it is with anticipation and excitement that I move into the next phase. Know of my abiding interest in and excitement for the work done by and through the FMCSC. I pray God’s blessing on you as you deliberate this annual conference.