Our Free Methodist Churches are committed to six interlocking priorities that express our ministry focus in Jesus Christ and direct our behavior out to our communities:

Vital Churches

Our first and highest call is to build the church of Jesus Christ. Our churches reflect the freedom of the Holy Spirit to guide our worship and our lives as we experience the transforming presence of God. We lead with a humble dependence on the Holy Spirit who gives fresh, healthy and holy church life; who brings new disciples, new baptisms, new members, new ministries and creates new expressions of mercy and holistic community outreach in his power.

Missional Leaders

The harvest always needs well-discipled workers. We train leaders to identify and recruit leaders from every walk of life, and teach them to equip, resource, and empower these workers, quickly and accountably, for kingdom expansion. We assert our commitment and fundamental conviction to develop godly, competent leaders. We deploy this leadership through women, ethnic groups, cross-cultural and young leaders, with an unequaled passion today so that future generations have the resources to continue the harvest tomorrow.

Advocates of Justice
and Creation Care

With the authority of the scriptural mandate to be a voice for those who have none, including creation itself, we champion the cause of justice for women, children, the poor, and victimized. We join in strategic partnership with like-minded, Christ-hearted people to fight the injustice allowable by law but abhorrent to God. We shed light in the darkness, to bring healing to the lives of the broken, and to offer freedom in Jesus’ name. We heal creation through reforestation and responsible lives.

Kingdom Expansion

Equal effort is pledged to strengthening the existing church and to the holistic recruiting, equipping, and sending of new church planters. Planting new churches, exploring new models, forging new paths for ministry to people groups both unreached and newly disenfranchised, through satellite congregations, emerging ministry points, bi-vocational leadership, the re-scripting of house churches for a new generation, and a willingness to wisely lead into the unknown in order to fulfill the gospel-call.

Global Missions

Going into all the world has never been so conceivable in light of the connected realities of a global community. We train our missionaries in fresh ways to fulfill the commission of God to the world that launches from an inter-connected system. We train our local leaders in a methodology of spiritual support, financial investment, and relational connectivity. We train our leaders to recruit new missionaries by understanding how to discern the Spirit-call on a life and by deploying them city by city, country by country, and people by people in harmony with our commitment to a social, educational, and mercy driven call.

Transformed Communities

The call to holiness and wholeness of person is demonstrated by selfless and sacrificial love for the people loved of God. We are a people who pray for
the peace of the city and are peacemakers on the city streets. We are a people called of God to believe for God’s ongoing revelation while being God’s healing instruments for individuals, families, and communities. We are the gracious beneficiaries of God’s forgiveness and grace and we are His plan for delivering the same to those who would be His. We are a Kingdom people who serve the mighty King – We are a people who answer the call to live what we believe.