About the CTL

Who We Are

The Center for Transformational Leadership (CTL) is a ministry of the Free Methodist Church in Southern California. This ministry was created out of a desire to reach into the academy and assist young leaders in launching effectively into career and vocation.

What We Do

We mentor Christ-centered leaders to transform the church, community, academy, and business for the sake of the kingdom. Through our internship program, we recruit, cultivate, and develop future ministry leaders from the best Christian colleges on the West Coast. This program is dynamic and maintains personal coaching, group work, and careful evaluation.

Why It Matters

We see that the kingdom is expanding in mighty ways in the Global South, so we have started to pay attention to how that is being accomplished. Very quickly, we have learned that much of the growth is happening through bi-vocational church leaders; so we are seeking ways to train up young leaders to work in all sectors of society. Then they will be able to be “on mission” anywhere they go. We must go into all sectors of society to live out and proclaim the gospel through our actions, relationships and words.

Our Story

In our conversations with Christian colleges, the FMCSC discovered that there was a disconnect between the church and Christian colleges. They needed to collaborate further on providing the right tools for students as they prepared to step out of school and into the next phase of their lives. So the CTL was birthed out of a desire to reach into the academy and assist young leaders in launching effectively into career and vocation. The internship program was initiated in 2011, drawing students from Azusa Pacific University and Westmont College. We have deployed almost 40 interns since then into churches, community non-profits, business and higher education.

Our Mission

Propelled by the six strategic priorities of the FMCSC, the CTL is a purposeful approach for developing transformational leaders committed to fulfilling the Great Commission. Potential leaders are Christians gifted by the Holy Spirit who have engaged the process of God’s transformation in their own lives. Through strategic and holistic mentoring, they prepare to live out and multiply transformational principles in others for the purpose of fulfilling Christ’s call.

Our History

The CTL is a ministry of the Free Methodist Church in Southern California. The Free Methodist movement was birthed in 1860 as a Spirit-filled response to ethnic and socioeconomic injustice of the day. We started as a movement that took the gospel outside the church walls to marginalized people of the world. Today, we have the same heart and vision: the church must engage every segment of our world which means it must draw from every discipline and facet of the body of Christ to people its mission with called and gifted leaders.

The FMCSC is a vibrant movement of God’s people that has existed here since 1890. FMCSC is an evangelical denomination coming from the Anglican/Methodist tradition. We affirm the importance of our relationship with God and others as the “theology of love.” Our churches form a close community who share life together as we serve the larger community and world.